Dr. Quelle has played an important role in the teaching mission of the department for more than a decade. She has contributed to instruction of medical students as both a CBL small group facilitator and a lecturer on the pharmacology of

antibiotics, a critical component of our course for medical students. She consistently receives outstanding evaluations from the medical students for her lectures in this course. In addition to instruction of medical students, Dawn also contributes to our teaching of dental, pharmacy and graduate students. She has participated in a variety of graduate level courses, including several multidisciplinary courses offered by the Biosciences Program, the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program and the Free Radical and Radiation Biology Program. Of particular note, she has been a key contributor to the course that is central to our interdisciplinary training grant in pharmacological sciences, entitled “Advanced Problem Solving in the Pharmacological Sciences”. This course brings together students from a variety of graduate programs across campus to instruct them in areas such as grant writing, grant reviewing and analytical approaches to experimental design. Dawn helped develop the course and devised several of the novel approaches used in the course to promote interactive, small group peer-to-peer teaching. In a recent renewal of this training grant, the NIH descried this team-based learning course as a unique, innovative and effective mechanism for interdisciplinary training. Throughout this period, Dawn has maintained an active laboratory and has provided mentorship and individual instruction to the 5 postdoctoral fellows, 9 graduate students and 24 undergraduates who have worked in her laboratory.